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A Focus on the Physician

A Focus on the Physician

Satisfaction ratings and the quality of patient care are top priorities for the Central & West Texas Division. Working collaboratively with clinical staff and physicians, they have developed a new rounding initiative, which has contributed to a positive increase in both patient and physician satisfaction. They use their rounding techniques to improve the physicians’ experiences with PC workstations, providing more timely patient identification and reporting of issues.
Speed in Technology Service

Excellence and Speed in IT Service

With an eye on providing faster and finer IT solutions, this division is currently piloting two initiatives at select facilities: NotifyIT! allows IT staff to simply click a button to learn about customer service needs and quickly produce solutions. And the service desk initiative Physician Help Now is taking catered physician service to the next level. With this innovative new solution, the IT needs of physicians are handled quickly and efficiently by service desk experts with an enhanced knowledge base.

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