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Life-saving Data & Analytics

Life-Saving Data & Analytics

The Far West’s talented IT team collaborated with HCA’s patient quality group to develop a first-of-its-kind application to identify patients with sepsis infections. The application, developed with data at its core, collects large amounts of information and then, using analytics, creates alerts for physicians and clinicians. The resulting Sepsis Real Time Report has allowed earlier identification of dangerous sepsis infections, improving patient safety and ultimately saving lives.
Cardiac Care Innovations

Innovation in Cardiac Care

Looking for opportunities to more accurately capture processes for cardiac catheterization procedures, the IT&S team took the lead and developed an innovative and intuitive tracking application to provide a comprehensive view of cardiac episodes along with the documentation to go with it. Honored with a national award for its innovative uses, this project, called the Cardiac Cath Lab Capture project, now benefits all patients served throughout the network of Far West facilities.

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