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REGION: Texas (Southeast)

Cost-saving Patient Experience

Cost Savings and Improved Patient Experience

While the maintenance of medical equipment is typically not categorized as IT, it does have an influence on IT support and ultimately the patient experience. With that in mind, the Gulf Coast team architected a plan and realigned a support structure with a primary equipment vendor to leverage technology and processes that enhanced equipment support, while also mitigating risk, streamlining operations, and increasing customer satisfaction.
Access to Healthcare

Community Access to Healthcare

The Gulf Coast region recently expanded with the addition of Pearland Medical Center, a 144,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility. Through collective HCA enterprise efforts, the new facility increased access to innovative and high-quality healthcare for area residents, improved emergency preparedness capabilities, and provided new jobs and tax revenue to fund important community services. Most important of all, the region now has access to the inspired care that HCA models each and every day.

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