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Breaking Barriers in Cancer Care

Breaking Barriers in Cancer Care

Through partnerships with leading UK teaching hospitals, HCA’s International Division is enabling centralized consultant-led cancer care with access to a wide range of supporting clinicians and services, including private inpatient facilities and the newest technologies. Because of this dedicated approach to treatment, the UK’s most respected and brightest consultants choose to treat patients with HCA’s network. Through continued investments, HCA International is ensuring that physicians and their patients have access to the latest treatment techniques for the most favorable outcomes.
Global Healthcare Connections

Making Connections Globally

Our clinical specialist teams enjoy connectivity on a global scale with smart video conferencing technology, providing secure conference capabilities through mobile devices, laptops, PCs, and our video conferencing suites. Supporting our belief that borders should not exist in the delivery of top-notch healthcare, this technology allows virtual multi-disciplinary team meetings that connect patients to healthcare experts, and experts to each other, facilitating radical new ways for collaboration and consultation.

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