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REGION: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina

Online Healthcare Tools

Online Tools that Drive Efficiencies

The South Atlantic Division expanded its use of an EHR platform with the addition of a Kiosk module that combines Apple technology with a consumer-friendly Kiosk stand, allowing patients to check-in for appointments on an iPad. As part of the check-in process, patients are able to quickly and privately update demographic information and complete a social history questionnaire. The information, integrated directly to a patient’s electronic health record, improves patient satisfaction, offers operational efficiencies, and continues to ensure the security and accuracy of patient information.
Connecting Patients

Connecting Patients with Comprehensive Care

The South Atlantic team has introduced innovative technology that aligns the care of patients in an ED with a subsequent care plan, improving the management of their health through the entire continuum of care, from ED to primary provider and back into the community. Since its launch, the Care Alert technology has contributed to comprehensive treatment plans for chronic patient conditions and reduced repeat visits to ED departments in the region.

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